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What we look for in our Members
Quality photographs that are either a) original and done with a high quality camera or b) quality photographs that are properly credited. Please do not send in your application if you are only posting Instagram or iPhone photos, photos taken of you by yourself (aka selfies) or solely photographs of other people’s work.  Photos must be large (600px or wider), high quality and in focus.  We also look for a large amount of original photos from our applicants. Photography is our most important guideline for our applicants to meet. To see examples of what we look for, you can view our latest posts on The Blog Societies.

In addition to great photography, it’s imperative that the majority of your content easily falls into one of our categories of EAT, DIY/HOWTO, WEAR or LEARN.  We also look for bloggers who have had consistent posting (a minimum of 2 new posts per week is required) for several months. We are unable to extend memberships to those who have started a blog and do not have some content history to review (we suggest a minimum of 6 months of content). Please ensure that your ABOUT page has a large (preferably over 500 pixels wide), high quality photograph of just you (unless the blog is run by multiple people) so that we can feature you as a potential MEET. This is typically the page we head to first to get to know our applicants for review, so make sure it’s top notch!

* If you are a resource and would like to join, please click here!

  • Listed on The Blog Societies site for all members and brand resources to view/contact
  • Opportunity to submit content to be featured on the site and promoted across social media
  • Exclusive invitations to events from city/state meet ups to brand events
  • Invitation to apply to the annual Blog Societies conference
  • Invitation to The Blog Societies Pinterest member board
  • Become a member in our private Facebook group to connect with other members
  • Access to resources, webinars and more!
  • Exclusive invitation to work with brands on collaborations

By submitting for membership approval for The Blog Societies, you agree to allow The Blog Societies license to use content from your blog on The Blog Societies website. As a member, you are encouraged to display The Blog Societies badge on your site. Please note that your membership will be void if you join other imitation blog/blogger society groups. Membership can be revoked for failure to comply with rules stated above without notice.

Please allow 30 days for your application to be reviewed and finalized. Also note that, beginning August 1st, 2015 there will be a $35 annual membership fee for all new members to be part of The Blog Societies.  (This applies for members that apply starting August 1, 2015 and forward. Members that were accepted prior to that date will be required to pay the $35 membership fee starting July 1, 2016.) Membership fees are non-refundable and membership can be revoked at any time.

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